Pulpit Supply

The following listing is comprised of Ministers and Laypersons who have notified the Presbytery office that they are available to provide pulpit supply for area churches. If you are aware of other persons who should be included, or wish to be removed from the pulpit supply list, please use our Contact Us form, send us an email, or call us at 319-354-9220.

The minimum fees set by the Presbytery for pulpit supply are as follows:

  • $75 – one church one service plus mileage (current IRS rate*)
  • $125 – two services yoke field plus mileage (current IRS rate*)
  • $100 – two services same church plus mileage (current IRS rate*)
  • $35 – each meeting for Moderators of Session and/or Congregational Meetings plus mileage (current IRS rate*)

*Current IRS rate for 2018 = $ .54.5 for business miles

In order by city:

 Cedar Rapids

Rev. R. Dixon Jennings

Honorably RetiredTeaching Elder
Home 1650 Koehler Drive NW, #113 Cedar Rapids IA 52405 United StatesHome Phone: 3193738008
Categories: Leadership and Staff, Pulpit Supply


Eldridge (Quad Cities)

Iowa City



La Porte City

Lone Tree