Leadership and Development Retreat at Camp Wyoming  

Who: All TE, CRE, and minister members serving churches

When: Friday, October 25 through Saturday, October 26, 2019.

Where: Camp Wyoming, 9106 42nd Ave., Wyoming, IA 52362.

What: The retreat will center around the challenges of leading people through change and how one works through resistance to change. Join other minister members for fellowship, conversation, reflection, and prayer. We will have full use of the Owl’s Nest Adult and Family Retreat Center.

How much: $69 for lodging and all meals.

Make checks payable to “PEIA.” Payment should be sent to the Presbytery Office:

Presbytery of East Iowa
attn: Karen Bartel
1700 S 1st Avenue, Ste. 23
Iowa City, IA 52240