Sharing the conversation within the covenant community of the Presbytery of East Iowa


Sharing the conversation within the covenant community of the Presbytery of East Iowa

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Presbytery of East Iowa Map

Greetings from Pakistan

Greeting from Pakistan

Posted by First Presbyterian Church, Iowa City on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Jigging Discipleship

Last spring, in the early hours of a stormy late May morning, we were literally jolted awake by a blinding bolt of lightning and simultaneous explosion of thunder. The bolt had certainly struck close by, but we did not realize how close until we smelled the charred air and heard sirens approaching. A couple of houses down from ours, flames were already devouring the upstairs.

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Bring Good News from Malawi to your Church!

Our International Peacemaker, Mphatso Mary Nguluwe from Malawi, will be in East Iowa Presbytery from Wednesday Sept. 27 through Monday, October 2.

She can speak to your church, church group, your church’s community, or your community’s schools. Contact Lisa by email at or by phone at 319-938-8807 to schedule a visit from Ms. Mphatso.

Ms. Nguluwe directs the Livingstonia Synod Aids Programme (LISAP) for the Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian, Synod of Livingstonia (CCAPL). She is working to improve quality of life for children living with HIV, preventing parent to child transmission of HIV, to improve gender equity and equality for boys and girls, to prevent child trafficking, and to change cultural practices that put girls at risk of abuse and HIV infection.

She holds degrees in Midwifery and in Nursing Education, Administration and Community Nursing Science, and is a researcher in community development work.

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