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Employment Opportunities

Duties and Responsibilities of the Interim Pastor:

– Moderate the Session

– Support work of Deacons and attend monthly meetings

– Be responsible for providing pastoral services such as, preaching, teaching, administration of the sacraments, conducting funerals, officiating at weddings, visiting the congregation with Deacon guidance, participating in its celebrations, and overall church administration

Work with the Session to accomplish the Interim Ministry tasks including at least the following:

– Supervise all staff, including employed and volunteer staff, and encourage professional development

– Assist the congregation in resolving conflict

– Assist the congregation to review its history

– Assist the teams with the long range to discern and implement the long-range for the mission program of the congregation

– Assist the congregation to discover a new identity

– Assist the congregation to deal with changes of leadership

– Utilize planning processes with the session and teams to ensure effective functioning of the church program

– Assist the congregation to explore new directions for ministry

– Renew and strengthen the relationship of the congregation with Presbytery, Synod, and General assembly

– Prepare the congregation for the arrival of an installed pastor


– Serve as staff resource:

   – to the church Nominating Committee,

   – to teams searching professional staff

   – to Operations and Personnel

   – to annual stewardship drive

– Provide guidance for Christian Education team.

– Plan for visitation with those from the congregation who need particular attention.

Please contact us to apply:

Echo Hill Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 11335
Cedar Rapids, IA 52410
Phone: 319-377-4360

Newcomb Presbyterian Church in Davenport has 3 open paid positions they are trying to fill. One of the positions is:

  • Nursery Attendant, for ages 0-3 years old. This position would be every Sunday during service, 9:30am – 12:00 noon. 

Please contact Marilyn Black by email for any questions or additional information. 

Hus Memorial Presbyterian Church in Cedar Rapids is accepting applications for the following paid part-time position:

Pianist/Pipe Organist

Please contact Pastor Mel Ramos by email at for any questions or additional information. Resumes can be sent to the same email address.

First Presbyterian Church in Wapello is looking for an Organist/Pianist to help lead worship by working with the Pastor in choosing hymns, and then playing the accompaniment during worship. They will also be responsible for Preludes, Offering, and Postlude except when the choir sings or the hand chimes play. They will also accompany all responsive music like the Gloria Patri and Doxology. This position is currently unpaid, but will be the recipient of much gratitude and thanks by the congregation. Contact Anita Odle at (319)523-2119 for further info, or email the church at and type Anita Odle in the subject line.

Newcomb Presbyterian Church in Davenport has 3 open paid positions they are trying to fill. One of the positions is:

  • Organist/Pianist for every Sunday service, special music, and events.   

Please contact Marilyn Black by email for any questions or additional information. 

Echo Hill Presbyterian Church is accepting applications for a part-time pianist/accompanist to play for two worship services per week (one contemporary, one traditional).

Must be highly proficient on piano and electronic keyboard. Duties include praise band participation on keyboard and full pianist/accompanist duties for the traditional service (hymns, preludes, postludes, offertory, choir accompaniment, etc.) Will accompany at weekly choir rehearsals. Will need to be able to select music for each service as needed; and attend occasional meetings as necessary. Previous church accompanist/organist/pianist experience a definite plus.

May work on a contract basis. 10 hours per week.

Please call 319-377-4360 or 319-929-6672 for more information.

Please feel free to contact Kitch Schatzer by email or at 319-461-0266 for any questions. Thank you.