Sharing the conversation within the covenant community of the Presbytery of East Iowa

Committees and Commissions

Convener List

Click here for a list of current commission, committee, and team convener moderators

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Commissions and Committees for 2017

This listing contains current officers, current members of Presbytery commissions and committees, and elected commissioners to the Synod of Lakes and Prairies and the 222nd General Assembly (2016).

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Peacemaking Task Force

Join us in prayer for peace.

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Pasrur Christian Boys School Commission

To develop friendship and connection around this important ministry, to build greater understanding of the Pasrur School and the Presbyterian Education Board (PEB) mission in Pakistan, and to help raise funds for the new Pasrur Boys School.

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Commission on Ministry

COM is responsible for supporting the well-being of PEIA pastors and congregations, authorizing pastoral relationships within the Presbytery, and facilitating the mediation of difficulties on behalf of the Presbytery.

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Presbytery Coordinating Commission

The PCC is responsible for coordinating the mission, programming, and strategic planning of the Presbytery.

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