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About Us

An Overview

View a map of our Presbytery, some FAQs, and some quick statistics; all of which hopefully help you understand more about us.

We are Christians who live in eastern Iowa and are members of 74 congregations called: “Presbyterian Churches.” Presbyterians are characterized by a particular form of church government in which churches elect their pastors and also elders who, together, form a body called the “session” which directs the life of a particular church. Each of the congregations in an area send their pastors and some elders to a body (called the presbytery) which oversees the life and work of the congregations and provides support and encouragement. Presbytery of East Iowa covers 16 counties.

Some of the principles articulated by John Calvin remain at the core of Presbyterian beliefs. Among these are the sovereignty of God, the authority of the scripture, justification by grace through faith and the priesthood of all believers. What they mean is that God is the supreme authority throughout the universe. Our knowledge of God and God’s purpose for humanity comes from the Bible, particularly what is revealed in the New Testament through the life of Jesus Christ. Our salvation (justification) through Jesus is God’s generous gift to us and not the result of our own accomplishments. It is everyone’s job — ministers and lay people alike — to share this Good News with the whole world. That is also why the Presbyterian church is governed at all levels by a combination of clergy and laity, men and women alike.


The Presbytery is currently in a transitional process, looking to how to structure mission and programming moving forward. Some questions being explored are:

  • God is calling us to serve in this place as a covenant community of servant leaders. What possibilities for mission and ministry emerge as we think about this specific calling?
  • How can we shift our primary collective energy from governance to mission, structuring our lives to be open, accountable stewards of all the resources that God provides?
  • How can we value the gifts of covenant community to provide mutual nurture and support?
  • How can we find ways to provide greater, more authentic access for younger members who are our emergent leaders?

We currently meet five times per year for stated meetings. From time to time, special called meetings are scheduled for specific items that must be addressed prior to the next stated meeting.

72 Churches

16 Counties

11,943 Members


A brief history of the Presbyterian Church.

Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther, a German priest and professor, started the Protestant Reformation when he posted a list of 95 grievances against the Roman Catholic Church on a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Some 20 years later, a French/Swiss theologian, John Calvin, further refined the reformers’ new way of thinking about the nature of God and God’s relationship with humanity in what came to be known as Reformed theology. John Knox, a Scotsman who studied with Calvin in Geneva, Switzerland, took Calvin’s teachings back to Scotland. Other Reformed communities developed in England, Holland and France. The Presbyterian church traces its ancestry back primarily to Scotland and England.
First American Presbytery
Princeton University Founded
New Jersey
PCUSA's First General Assembly
Presbytery of East Iowa Formed