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Discovering and Claiming Our Common Calling–Information on the New Plan

At the 180th Stated Meeting on January 13, 2018, our Presbytery approved a new plan to help us revitalize our Presbytery culture and create broader, more flexible opportunities for service and engagement for everyone throughout the Presbytery.  As we live into this new way of being, information about the plan and the implementation process may be found here.

Discovering and Claiming Our Common Calling [the full plan description] may be found here

Discovering and Claiming Our Common Calling–ANNOTATED DESCRIPTIONS may be found here

DCCC Proposed Implementation Plan may be found here

Visioning within Covenant Community [a document relating the former Presbytery structure to the new approach and structure] may be found here

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PC(USA)’s Peacemaking Policy

In 2016 the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) approved a new peacemaking policy:

  1. Peacemaking is essential to our faith.
  2. We have sinned by participating in acts of violence.
  3. We reclaim the power of nonviolent love.
  4. We commit to the study and practice of nonviolence.
  5. We will practice boldly the things that make for peace

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International Peacemaker Visit

Come hear our International Peacemaker, Mphatso Mary Nguluwe from Malawi at one of the following events. Ms. Nguluwe directs efforts of Malawi churches to help children who have HIV and prevent further spread to children through parent to child transmission, also by ending child trafficking and achieving gender equity.

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Presbytery Relocation Proposal

At the 177th Stated Meeting on June 13, 2017, the Presbytery Trustees put forward a recommendation to sell the present Presbytery office condominium in Eastdale Plaza, Iowa City. The body approved this motion, based upon the stewardship principle that Presbytery offices and meetings should be located within our churches, with the understanding that the Trustees would share with churches the requirements for a workspace for the Stated Clerk and Treasurer along with a space to house Presbytery files.

The intention underlying this move is to mark the fact that the Presbytery is composed of its member churches and to allow the Presbytery to operate as virtually and flexibly as possible. The Presbytery requests use of the space as exclusive office space with negotiated compensation to the church for use of the facilities for a minimum of five years.

To get more details including goals and requirements, download the Presbytery Relocation Proposal (PDF).

If you are interested in applying, click here to download the Presbytery Relocation Application (.docm).

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Jigging Discipleship

Last spring, in the early hours of a stormy late May morning, we were literally jolted awake by a blinding bolt of lightning and simultaneous explosion of thunder. The bolt had certainly struck close by, but we did not realize how close until we smelled the charred air and heard sirens approaching. A couple of houses down from ours, flames were already devouring the upstairs.

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