Presbytery Coordinating Commission

Welcome to the Presbytery Coordinating Commission!

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The PCC functions as the strategic leadership team that coordinates the ministry and mission for the Presbytery. This team is comprised of a teaching and ruling elder (one of which is the moderator) from each standing team and the Presbytery officers.

The PCC does not make decisions as or for the Presbytery, but rather brings all recommendations and motions to the full governing body at stated or called Presbytery meetings. The entire governing body can make the decisions and commissioners can then report these decisions to their home churches. The PCC membership is comprised of elected moderators and representation from all teams. This structure is intentional, so that the work of these groups may be directly shared and coordinated.

The PCC membership consists of the three elected Presbytery officers—Moderator, Vice-Moderator, and Stated Clerk—along with Presbytery Team Moderators. 

The Presbytery Moderator also moderates the PCC during her or his term of office, and then serves an additional year on the PCC as Immediate Past Moderator in order to provide continuity from year to year. The Stated Clerk serves as PCC secretary.

While the Manual of Operation requires the PCC to meet at least three times a year, the current PCC has opted to meet more regularly in order to effectively meet its responsibility to engage in strategic planning. The meeting day is Thursday at 10 am.  Check the Presbytery Calendar for specific meeting days.

The PCC is commissioned to carry out aspects of the Presbytery’s work in the following ways:
1. Coordinate initiatives and activities among committees according to Presbytery
strategic plan
2. Work with the Committee on Leadership Development to develop and implement
regular plans for growth in leadership skills for those serving in various capacities
within the Presbytery, including an annual retreat to train Presbytery leaders
3. Work with all committees to develop opportunities to work cooperatively with other
presbyteries and ecumenical entities to fulfill their particular responsibilities
4. In partnership with Stated Clerk:
•coordinate agenda for business meetings of the Presbytery
•facilitate planning for education and spiritual growth meetings of the Presbytery
•propose a schedule (dates, times, & locations) for meetings of the Presbytery
•call special meetings of the Presbytery when appropriate
•communicate regularly with all committees to assure that work is done in a
timely manner