Presbyterian Women in the Presbytery of East Iowa (PWP) is looking for women who will step up to serve with PWP. Participation is easy!

  • There are three Coordinating Team meetings per year, typically on Saturdays.
  • There are two events a year:  Spring Workshop and Fall Gathering. You would be asked to help, but you would only be asked to be on one of those committees per year.

Here are some jobs that need to be filled:

  • Historian –  collect and store the history of the PWP and fill out one yearly report.
  • Search Team  –  help coordinate recruitment for the officer positions (this is mostly work from home).
  • Network Communicators  –  we need one each in the West, East, and South. Network Communicators act as liaisons for the Presbyterian Women in the Church (PWC) in their designated area. There are between nine and 14 churches with active PWCs. Network Communicators also distribute yearly materials to some churches in the Fall and make a few phone calls per year. The Network Communicator is a resource person to the PWCs and often it is just a matter of knowing “who to ask”.

pick-me-ill-do-itNow is your opportunity! 

Contact Beth Jensen by email or phone at 319-223-5742 or Kathleen Pilkington by phone at 319-470-8549.