Gary Neal HansenReverend Dr. Gary Neal Hansen, Associate Professor of Church History, will be the featured speaker at the 170th Stated Meeting on February 6 at Iowa City, First. As a church historian, he notes on his website that he “thinks of teaching as giving Christians access to their own hidden treasures: classic understandings of core biblical teachings interpreted for our world, centuries-old spiritual practices that have changed the lives of millions, movements whose community life has deepened discipleship and catalyzed mission, and role models and heroes for the disciple’s life.”

At the stated meeting, Dr. Hansen will offer the sermon for worship and also will make a special presentation on the practice of lectio divina, the subject of his forthcoming book, Loving Your Bible: Finding Your Way to the Presence of God with a 12th Century Monk.

Love Your BibleAs the book reviews comment, to be competent, confident followers of Jesus, we need more than a few Bible basics. We need Scripture to lead us to growth and new life, consistently, for a lifetime. Lectio divina, the ancient Christian practice of moving through the Bible into the presence of God, provides exactly that. Dr. Hansen’s book brings us a faithful modern version of the practice as taught by the 12th century monk. Please plan to attend the stated meeting to hear this exciting, insightful presentation.