At the request of the Commission on Ministry and the Presbytery Trustees, Moderator Jim Claypool has called a special meeting of the Presbytery of East Iowa for Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. at the Presbytery Office (1700 South First Avenue, Suite 23, Iowa City) for the purpose of acting upon the following time-sensitive items:

MOTION: In accord with the Presbytery’s responsibility “for the government of the church throughout its district” and to “assist and support the witness of congregations to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that all congregations become communities of faith, hope, love, and witness” (G-3.0301), the Presbytery of East Iowa appoints an Administrative Commission to support the healthy work and witness of First Presbyterian Church, Wapello, effective upon the appointment of its members by the Presbytery moderator.

The Commission shall exercise the following authority on behalf of the Presbytery as needed:

  •  to seek reconciliation among any aggrieved individuals within the church;
  •  to mediate the relationship between the pastor/moderator and the session, and to restore fully transparent, healthy communications between the pastor and the members of church leadership;
  •  to providing training in relational dynamics, open communication, conflict resolution, and other essential characteristics of a healthy congregation;
  • to ensure cooperation in meeting the five interim tasks (coming to terms with its history, exploring identity and direction, allowing for needed leadership and operational change, renewing missional, relational and denominational linkages, and committing to new leadership and directions in ministry);
  • to interpret Presbyterian polity and Reformed theological principles to the congregation during this transitional period in the life of this particular church with the aim of ensuring that the congregation gains deeper understanding of the ways in which Presbyterian polity draws upon Reformed theological principles within covenant community and to ensure that such polity and principles primarily inform its governance and relational practices;
  • to provide any necessary support and resourcing to empower a gracious leave taking of the current pastor, if necessary, and to promote a healthy transition of the congregation into future ministry and
  • if warranted, to assume original jurisdiction, to designate a moderator for the session, and to replace the existing session

Further, the Administrative Commission is specifically empowered, if necessary, to negotiate any dissolution package of the pastor, in consultation with the Commission of Ministry, and to seek permission from the Presbytery of East Iowa should it be necessary to dissolve any pastoral relationship(s). The Administrative Commission shall report regularly to the Presbytery Coordinating Commission of the Presbytery of East Iowa, and shall request dissolution upon completion of its work.
MOTION: The Presbytery Trustees recommend that the governing body approve this request of the session of Iowa City, First. By unanimous vote at a special meeting on 20 July 2017, the session of Iowa City, First requests that, in accord with Presbytery policy, the Presbytery of East Iowa approve their request to enter into and execute a two-stage professional services contract with Walker, Corn and Lorentzen Architects to prepare a preliminary report on cost options for the HVAC and elevator projects and, if the way be clear, to prepare construction contract documents, invite contractor bids, and provide oversight during construction. Costs for this project are estimated to total $90,000 and will be paid from receipts of the recent capital campaign:

Capital Improvements:
• HVAC Replacement
– Review and evaluate existing HVAC system
– Replace building’s original boiler(1975)
– Evaluate possible replacement of residential AC units around perimeter of Church
– Evaluate possibility of incorporating the existing AC units into a newer control system.
– Evaluate possible replacement, modification or improvements to ventilation air handling system.
– Evaluate existing duct work to determine if repairs or modifications are required.
– Integrate newer (Jan. 2017) humidifier units into new design
– Evaluate potential to use Building Automation System(BAS)

• Elevator
– Review and evaluate building for best location (interior or exterior)
– Cursory review of building structure to determine best approach
– Review existing electrical system for support of new elevator
– Sensitivity to exterior aesthetics and symmetry
– To serve all three levels of the building
– Size requirements – upright piano
– Determine if addition of elevator will require building to install sprinkler system

Schematic Design Phase: Use information gathered from staff interviews, evaluation of existing equipment and review of existing plans to provide detailed report providing options to improve HVAC system(s) with professional recommendations for approval by the Owner. Provide design concepts to illustrate components of options considered for recommended improvements.
• Report detailing existing conditions, codes used to evaluate, options for improvement & amp; recommendations, including option costs, pros/cons and comparisons.
• Schematic Design flow diagrams of HVAC options.
• Working plan to phase HVAC upgrades/improvements.
• Attend meetings as required (3 meetings estimated/billed at hourly rate)
Schematic Design Phase: Consists of evaluating existing conditions and preparing design concepts, illustrating the general scope, scale and relationship of project components for
approval by the Owner.
• Preliminary plans, sections and elevations as required.
• Conceptual Perspective sketches (Digital or Hand Drawings).
• Attend meetings as required (3 meetings estimated/billed at hourly rate).

Construction Documents Phase:
The Architect and its consultants will prepare drawings and other documents to fix and describe
the size and character of the entire project, including Architectural, Structural, Mechanical and
Electrical systems, materials, and project life safety and welfare.
Construction Documents consisting of Drawings, Specifications and other documents setting
forth in detail the requirements for permit and construction of the Project and contracting for
the construction of the Project.
• Opinion of Probable Construction Costs
• Drawings for Permit, Owner/Contractor Agreement, and Construction.
• Typical Construction Details.
• Materials Research and Specifications.
• Interior Design/Documentation (Furnishing procurement by Owner or others).
Bid / Contract Award Phase:
• The Architect will assist in procuring bids for the Work.
• The Architect will respond to questions from proposers and provide Addendums as required.
• The Architect will analyze substitutions proposed by prospective bidders.
• Participate in negotiations prior to/or following decisions on award of the Contracts for

Construction Phase:
• Owner/Architect/Contractor Meetings
• Attend Pre-construction Meetings (one for each phase)
• Architect Site Observations – 2 visits per month.
• Architect will review submittals provided by the Contractor.

  • Architect will respond to Contractors Requests for Information (RFI).
  •  Architect will prepare Work Change Proposal Requests (WCPR)
  • Supplemental Information (ASI).
  • Contractor’s Applications for payment review and approval.
  • Project Closeout including Punch List review and formalize Substantial Completion.
  • Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manuals prepared by Contractor.


• June 21, 2017 Selection of Design Team
• July 2017 Schematic Design Begins for Both Phases September 2017 Preliminary HVAC Design Report October 2017 Schematic Design Phase Complete
• Part B Scope Defined /Fee Negotiated

• October 15, 2017 Design Development Phase Begins
• December 2017 Design Development Documents Complete for Both Phases February 2018 HVAC Bid Documents Complete
• April 2018 HVAC Construction Start
• January 2019 Elevator Bid Documents Complete
• June 2019 Elevator Construction Start

Please note that this request is time-sensitive. The FPC session would appreciate the
Presbytery’s consideration of this request at a special meeting prior to the regular called
meeting of 30 September.

MOTION: In accord with Presbytery policy, the Presbytery Trustees recommend approval of a request from the congregation of Calvin-Sinclair Presbyterian Church in Cedar Rapids to sell 40 feet of the south lawn to The Dental Center for $30,000, with the following terms of sale:
• Stevie & Haganman, LLC will incur all costs associated with the transfer and sale of this land including but not limited to attorney, engineer, and permit fees.
• The purchase price is $30,000.00.
• The land to being purchased is area 40 feet from the existing NW Dental Center property pin, running north; 40 feet from the existing NE Dental Center property pin, running north; with a line connecting these two points (see enclosed diagram).

• Stevie & Haganman, LLC will arrange and pay for the relocation of the Calvin- Sinclair sign once Calvin-Sinclair has identified the desired sign location.

• Stevie & Haganman, LLC will provide replacements trees for any trees displaced during future parking lot construction not to exceed the number of trees removed.
• Calvin-Sinclair Presbyterian Church will have access to use Cedar Rapids Dental Center parking lots on weekends.

and to replace the church roof, using funds from an insurance claim in the amount of $42,262.37 from Guide One. The congregation unanimously approved these requests at a dully-called congregational meeting on 2 July 2017. The cost to replace the roof represents an amount greater than 10% of the church budget, but action on these items will not add to the church budget nor cause any indebtedness.

Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Blair, Ph.D.
Stated Clerk