Letter from Warren Jensen, Pastor to Pastors

I’m new in this position of being the Pastor to Pastors. There are many things I don’t know yet about who we are. One of the things I will be seeking to learn is how we can together, begin building a greater sense of identity and community among ourselves as Pastors and leaders. Relationships are critical in the practice of ministry.

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Just because a church is small doesn’t mean it is stuck. But the truth is, many small churches are stuck. If small churches want to keep being vital elements in Jesus' Great Commission strategy, we need to be able to tell the difference between a strategic small church and one that’s just stuck.

Karl Vaters, Christianity Today

Re: Ruling Elders

Whether you are a new Ruling Elder or have been serving for many years, these articles are a quick and easy way to increase your Ruling Elder knowledge and make your “job” easier.

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