In Search of an iPEN

The Presbytery of East Iowa is looking for an iPEN, an Interested Person w/Experience in Numbers. We don’t need another iMac, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, we need an iPEN.

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floodingPDA Seeks Assistance

PDA Seeks Assistance

The Southeast Coast has experienced severe and unprecedented flooding. South Carolina has borne the brunt of the devastation enduring what has been described as a 1,000 year flood. At its height, more than 400 roads, 150 bridges and two major interstates (I-20 and I-95) were closed.

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Where are the peacemakers?

Several weeks ago Pope Francis, the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church visited America. Many of us were in awe. He began with the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio and only later chose the papal name of “Francis”, in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. How appropriate that name change was for the needs of our times.

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Presbyterian Youth Triennium

If your church would like to register and travel with a delegation from PEIA please get in contact with Sarah Hegar as she is serving as the Registrar for our Presbytery. Our delegation must be confirmed by the end of November.

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